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Kent Cigarette commercials "What a Good Time" Ad campaign

These commercials are edits of a large file I found here at I thought it would be nice to edit these into separate commercials and list them by ad campaign.

Audio/Visual sound, color


Reviewer: Zplomb - - May 8, 2010
Subject: Must have cigarette right now..
Smoking is so much fun and always goes with good times. "Hey Jennifer, remember that one time you hacked up a lung when we were walking on the beach? Oh, and how about that time when you coughed up blood-red sputum into your clam chowder at that fancy resturant? Yep, good times all. Um Hm, what a good time."
Reviewer: 1StepBeyond - - July 23, 2009
Subject: What a good time they had until.....
Four young smokers walking through the forest, each smoking away. Where did they put the cigarette butts? Kent had the micron filter to help someone at last find the perfect blend of enjoyable death. How did anyone during this generation avoid smoking? Every child was being encouraged to take up the habit. Shouldn't you?